Frequently Asked Questions

Hartman Painting Contractor Questions / 9 SIMPLE QUESTIONS

When it is time to have your home painted, you want honesty, fair pricing, and quality from a company you can trust. How can you find out about a company before using them? There has to be a better way than trial and error. Here it is. Here are nine simple questions you should answer before selecting a company.

1. Is the company insured?

General liability and workers’ compensation insurance protects you. Most companies will carry some form of insurance, but not all. Do not take the risk. Ask about insurance . Companies that do not carry these two fundamental insurances are a danger to do business with. Even if the company says it has insurance, follow through by calling the insurance carriers to make sure it is still a valid and active insurance. Hartman Painting Company carries both and will be happy to furnish valid updated copies of each.

2. Are the company’s workers employees or sub-contractors?

Most painting companies actually do not employ any painters at all. Some companies will sell a paint job to a customer and then hire sub-contractors to perform the work. Some drawbacks of this system include: the painting company having no control over the quality of work being performed; sub-contractors often lack the motivation and commitment being promised by the painting company. The biggest drawback is the workers’ compensation insurance. Just because the company you hire has workers’ compensation insurance does not mean each sub-contractor they hire does. If the workers are sub-contractors each sub-contractor must have their own workers’ compensation certificate. Hartman Painting Company uses no sub-contractors, and all of our painters are full-time employees and are subject to our rules and policies, as well as being committed to the highest level of quality and being protected by our insurance.

3. What is the standard company warranty?

Not only does a longer warranty give you a longer peace of mind, but better warranties are offered by better companies that are confident with their work and are willing to stand behind it. Hartman Painting Company provides a 3 year warranty against paint failure on most projects.

4. Does the company offer financing?

You may not need financing, but you should still look for companies with financing options because it shows their concern for affordability and shows that the company can meet the financial qualifications necessary to offer financing. Hartman Painting Company accepts most major credit cards and also offers up to 18 months same as cash options.

5. Does the company give you choices?

A wide variety of options exist for painting your home, and a good company will present you with choices. From preparation to application and selection of the right products, Hartman Painting Company will explain in detail the options that exist for your particular project.

6. Does the company offer color consultation?

Most paint manufacturers offer about 1,800 colors, and most often, the hardest part of a painting project is selecting a color scheme that works with your décor. Hartman Painting Company offers a FREE color consultation to all of our customers that have signed up with us. (Minimum purchase $1,500.00)

7. Does the company ask for a deposit or down payment?

Many painting contractors will ask for a deposit or a down payment to cover materials. This is a sign of a company with a short tenure and/or weak financial status . Many people have contractor horror stories where a deposit was paid and the work was never performed. Often, the legal fees necessary to recoup the deposit are greater that the deposit itself. Hartman Painting Company does not require a deposit or down payment and will carry the job until completion. We settle up when the work is done and the customer is happy.

8. Does the company have a physical address?

Fly-by-night painting companies and un-insured moonlighters rarely have a business address. Most stable painting companies operate from an office and a shop facility. Hartman Painting Company’s office and shop are located at 11017 Ashburn Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240.